Little Provençal style Capeline

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~ The Artist & The Little Prince ~

'Handmade by a Provençal artist at Walkers Cottage near Hay-on-Wye'

Little Provençal style Capeline

Véronique Avon | Art & Inspiration

From an early age Véronique has taken her inspiration from the little Prince's story 'Le Petit Prince' by French author Antoine De Saint-Exupéry; if you know the book you will recognise the Prince's quirky little home planet echoed in the works of the artist, her art, cards and prints. Her most recent works make connection with Little Prince more explicitly; including iconic imagery of the fox and rose. Explore the Prince's world below and if you wish to buy any of Véronique's original art please email the artist. For more information and to buy cards or prints of any items please click on the image below for buying options.

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